PAA Facilities

The Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (KPUJ) is the first jet-capable airport to be built in Georgia in over thirty years. The airport has been designed to accommodate the anticipated growth in both private and corporate aircraft operations throughout the next fifty years.

Named by the United States Department of Commerce as winner of the “Excellence for Innovation in Economic Development” Award, the airport is the centerpiece of a pod system designed to enhance commerce and economic development in Paulding County and throughout the surrounding region.

The Nature Conservancy, a prominent national organization focused on conserving the environment and self-sustainable development, has also endorsed the airport’s 60-acre design. The eco-friendly foresight that was adopted during the planning phases ensures the airport’s place on a very unique list of “Green Airports.”

As metro Atlanta’s newest general and business aviation airport, the facility’s ultimate goal is to provide long-term profit generation and job creation that will self-sustain the airport for independent commercial development as it rewards stakeholders. The airport continues to seek federal and state funds in order to continuously improve facilities and to better serve its customers.

The arrival and departure procedures for the airport’s VFR and IFR flights are seamless due to its prime location just outside and underneath Atlanta’s busy, Class Bravo airspace.

Airport Specifications:

FAA Airport Identifier – KPUJ / PUJ

  • Airport Rotating Beacon with Pilot Activated Airport Lighting
  • AWOS – Automated Weather Observation System (126.225)

Runway 13 / 31 Overview:

  • 5,500 feet (usable length) x 100 feet (width)
  • Concrete, Grooved Surface
  • HIRL (High Intensity Runway Lighting)
  • Single Wheel Landing Gear – 50,000 pounds, max. ramp weight
  • Dual Wheel Landing Gear- 90,000 pounds, max. ramp weight

Runway 31:

  • Precision Approach – ILS / LOC with DME
  • Precision Approach Runway Markings
  • Non-Precision Approach GPS / WAAS
  • 1,289’ Touchdown Zone Elevation
  • REIL (Runway End Identifier Lighting)
  • PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator)

Runway 13:

  • Non-precision Approach – GPS / WAAS
  • Non-precision Approach Runway Markings
  • 1,289’ Touchdown Zone Elevation
  • REIL (Runway End Identifier Lighting)
  • PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator)